About Us

Away You Go VR was started to improve the lives of those who need it most: the sick, disabled, elderly, and homebound.

Now, it's the easiest to use and most serene virtual experience around.

Joe Ventriglia


Nature Lover, VR Enthusiast

(704) 966-9026

Joe was stressed: he was witnessing his mother's battle with brain cancer, unable to do a thing. Yet, he transmuted that suffering so that he might be able to help the world.

Seeing the relief and joy that VR could bring his mother even while she was immobile and hospitalized, he thought about all those people he was passing in the long, sterile halls. He imagined bringing the natural scenery that he used to escape that nightmare, the soothing mountain views that put his own life in perspective. That's the moment when Away You Go VR was conceived.

Joe's mom is now fully recovered and Away You Go is here for everyone. All of our customers can celebrate the beauty of nature and the serenity it brings, no matter their present circumstances. Joe, his mom, and all of us who benefit from this product couldn't be happier.
To be wealthy, powerful or famous does not matter to me.
Starting a good ripple that will turn to an ocean wave matters to me.

Jeremy Evans


Marketer for Better Businesses

(704) 966-9026

Jeremy has an ear the ground. For just a moment, he pulled his ears up to hear Joe's passionate story. Seeing a bit of himself and a bit of the archetypal entrepreneur in Joe's tale, he decided to make it happen.

Jeremy believes in people. Since a transformational moment in his youth, he's decided to help people in the best way he can: by helping the helpers. Since business depends on improving the lives of their customers, Jeremy chose to help the best businesses. That's why he has spent years slaving over code, watching for market trends, and consulting with the brightest stars in the industry.

Seeing Joe's passion and idealism, Jeremy decided to make it material. He built Away You Go's web presence, app, and promotional network. Joe is now free to do what he loves: taking videos to transport those in need. Jeremy makes sure that those in need know there's a way out.
Business is the vehicle of dreams and visions descending into reality. The best businesses bring the best future, so I've decided to dedicate a lifetime to midwifery.